From “Regular Jane” to the Runway: Celebrity Temporary Tattoos



The latest trend to hit Hollywood’s most fashionable elite this spring is temporary tattoos. While some stars such as Lindsey Lohan, Miley Cyrus and Lea Michelle are into sporting real ink, Taylor Swift, Beyonce and Selena Gomez are going the temporary route. Tattoo artists are even creating interesting designs for individuals that want to sport temporary tattoos to match their favorite celebrities. 

Spring Fashion Statement

Temporary tattoos are setting the runways on fire this spring and summer with designs adorning the models legs, shoulders, ankles, back and wrists. Some designers have even had their runway models ditch their basic hosiery in favor of a more dramatic look by wearing temporary leg tattoos that simulate patterned tights. Real tattoos are a major commitment, so you better like the design and placement. Fashion will always continue to evolve and this season, temporary art is allowing women to rock the tattoo world without the pain of needles. As more and more designers get on board, the creations are sure to consistently change, so you can update your look to match what you’re wearing.

Temporary Designs

Temporary tattoo designs are typically hand drawn by professional artists. The creations come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes perfect for the upcoming spring and summer seasons. Whether you’re heading to the beach for spring break, getting ready for prom, graduating in June or getting married this summer, a temporary tattoo you apply is an artistic and fashionable trend that you won’t want to miss out on this season.

Celebrities Getting in on the Action

Major celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Beyonce are blazing the trail for temporary tattoo art. Many celebrities have taken to making their own designs as well. The tattoos are waterproof and can last up to five days. They are also hypoallergenic and made using safe materials for anyone with sensitive skin. The prices for the temporary artwork is also a lot less than what you would pay for permanent ink. If you’re looking for something more upscale, Coco Chanel has created their own brand of entwined Cs for their latest runway shows and are worn in place of jewelry. The tattoos are available to consumers online and in their boutiques. Other designers are offering 24k gold versions of tattoo art for special occasions. If you want to pay homage to your favorite celebrity, tattoo artists have an array of designs. Fans of Justin Bieber can get their own version of temporary art by showcasing a music, crown or ‘believe’ tattoo to match his own body art.

What’s most exciting about this hottest trend for spring and summer is that you can customize your look to match your mood, event or style. An added benefit is that you’re not stuck with the same design for the rest of your life. As tattoo artists create different designs, you can find unique ways to adorn your body, and you won’t have to spend lots of cash to be a fashion hit.

Nadine Swayne presents this article to all those who love to change up their style. The hot Spring trend of wearing a temporary tattoo you can choose to go with your mood and outfit has been embraced by fashionistas across the world. They can be worn as an artistic statement or as jewelry, and will help you to showcase your individual personality!

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