Feminine Quote Tattoos For Girls For 2013

Everyone loves to read quotes. These classic thoughts are full of wisdom and inspiration. They always manage to move us and also possess the power to mold us into better individuals. This is why we love to collect them and some of us also like to wear them as tattoos so that we are always in touch with these magical words. Quote tattoos are popular among guys as well as gals. Talking about the latter, the fairer sex loves to get the glorious words carved on their body parts.


Quote tattoos for girls are full of beauty, wisdom, inspiration, motivation and love. The lovely ladies might harbor a soft corner for beautiful designs and imageries but that does not mean that they do not love literature. They are also affected by words and quotes that carry profound meaning and have been explained in a beautiful way. If you too love quotes and want to check out samples of quote tattoos meant exclusively for girls then this post is just the right place to explore. Here we have presented a beautiful collection of 26 such quotes designed with classic words in equally classic styles. Have a look.

Magical Words

Full of passion and strong emotions, this quote is a classic inspiration for the girl.



Inspirational Quote Tattoo

The girl has got a beautiful quote etched on her back that inspires and encourages her to live in the present.



Robert Frost’s Quote

Popular and poignant, this quote of Robert Frost is just too fabulous to be described in words.



Quote Tattoo On Foot

Sitting on the edge of the foot, this quote motivates the girl to adopt change.



Peter Pan Quote

Have a look at this classic adventurous quote that symbolizes the fun loving nature of the girl.



Movie Quote Tattoo

This ‘A clockwork Orange’ movie fan has got a tattoo on her forearm to express her love and admiration.



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