Do You Give Yourself a Second Chance?

4817602217_ece6be212e_mThe idea for this post springs from a question in the survey I’m conducting for my ebook.

The question is the title itself – Do you give yourself a second chance?

The responses I’ve met with so far have actually surprised me quite a bit. Giving yourself a second chance per se is dependent on being instinctive, being judgmental and who all affect your decision making.

All of these have been included in my survey and in case you haven’t taken the survey yet, I’d love it if you do, it hardly takes more than 3 minutes and there are 15 questions straight and I think you would be comfortable enough to do it now. Here’s the link to the survey.

Coming back to the question, Do you give yourself a second chance in every step of life? How much significance do you give it? Have you always had instant success in whatever you did in your life?

Possibly not and that is when the dilemma begins.

Failure invariably affects us negatively. Not everyone can find positives when they fail nor will they have the same confidence levels to give themselves a second chance immediately.

And that is exactly why giving yourself a second chance is dependent on instincts, judgment and your decision-making process.

How People Gave Themselves a Second Chance


There is nothing much in the piechart above. Look at it carefully and read the facts below.

  • Out of the 70 responses I got so far, 34 of them reported that they always gave themselves a second chance. A proper 50%.
  • 20 of them reported that they’d give themselves a second chance sometimes only. To back it up, more interesting facts to follow…
  • 16 of them never or rarely gave themselves second chances.

Those are the stand-alone facts of how people gave themselves a second chance. Remember, this is irrespective of being instinctive, judgmental and their decision making process.

Now, let’s take a combined look at how the above factors affect the question in debate.

  • 14 of the 34 who always gave themselves second chances did not have a say in the decisions of their own lives, they either let their family or friends decide what’s best for them. Quite surprising!
  • 100% of the 34 reported that they relied on their instincts always or more often than not. Better!
  • The same fact applies to those who gave themselves a second chance sometimes. Even better!
  • Only 50% of those who did not take second chances relied on their instincts and even worse only 40% of them had their own say regarding their decisions in life.
  • This one’s the best, only 20% of those who always took second chances were judgmental. The rest were either not sure or did not rely on it unless they had to. Pretty good!

By judgmental I mean, forming opinions of others, situations around you, going into something with a negative and pre-occupied mind. I needn’t explain much about instincts and decision-making.

Quite a number of surprising facts. There are lots of questions which actually gave me intricate details of what made people sad and what made them happy. A lot of research information for my ebook.

I have had 70 responses so far, a big number for a small project but I hope to cross the 100 mark. I’m not limiting myself to that number, the more the better. But a minimum of 100 responses will give me sufficient data to come to a correct analysis.

So in case you haven’t taken the survey yet, please do take it here. It will not take more than 3 minutes, trust me! Also, you needn’t worry about your privacy, I’m not using your name or email address anywhere at all. They are just to make a personal contact if need be.

So, Do you give yourself a second chance?

I just wanted to let you know about a few facts on second chances and also to promote my survey. Do you think second chances are important? How do you see yourself immediately after a failure?

Let me know in the comments and do not forget to take the survey, I’d be really grateful if you did.


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