Ready To Make Real Changes? Read These Tips!

images (9)Most Americans desire to improve various aspects of their lives. These differing areas of improvement can range from the professional to the personal. This article has helpful information and tips for everyone who is ready to make personal development their top priority, no matter what direction they focus on.

Happiness is often lost to stress. You are harming yourself mentally and physically when there is too much stress in your life. If we desire to work toward our goals calmly and methodically with a clear head, we have to eliminate the stress inside our heads. Take the time out of your day to sit down and clear your head. This refreshing time can improve your self-image and peace.

Stay around like-minded individuals. This will allow you to stay motivated and keep you away from those that might hinder your personal development.

Pick up a book to find out more about personal development. Well written books on personal development will always spark new ideas and give suggestions on altering your life. Choose a personal development book that is well reviewed because some books are just no good.

Take advantage of the time you spend working, and get as much finished as possible. Something you can do is to increase the amount of short breaks you take throughout the workday. This may seem wrong, but the truth is that more breaks give you a chance to relax and recharge yourself; when you return the work at hand, you can be more focused and get many things accomplished.

Place your personal central principles into practice. Your personal beliefs create the foundation for who you are. When you consistently practice these, you will gain confidence and believe in yourself. Sticking to your beliefs will also provide your life with greater consistency in every aspect, making life more manageable and you more admirable.

Therapy might be beneficial if your problems are severe. Self help books are useful to an extent, but they lack the substance or personal touch that a therapist can provide to a patient. Success is sometimes motivated by being helped through simply talking. There is no way to have an open discussion with a book, though you can with a therapist.

Do you feel like you drink too much alcohol? Are there other such vices harming your body such as smoking or recreational drug use? Your body is sacred, and you have to learn to respect it. If you are serious about improving your life, it is important to eliminate the habits which cause your body harm. Look at some of the habits you have and evaluate if there is anything you can change for the better.

A lot of folks have the desire to improve aspects of their existence, but are not sure how to initiate something. While a great result is only going to be achieved by you putting in the effort, here are some handy hints to get you on the road to success. Save this article so you can re-focus if you should need a motivational boost in the future.

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Self-Help Tips For An All-Around Better Life

images (8)If you do not know how to grow personally, you have come to the right place! Stay positive and keep in mind that the more information you possess, the better you will be at personal development. Search through these tips and see what you can use!

Always read from multiple sources on personal development. Many of the best-selling books offer page after page of useful, and possibly life-changing, ideas and insight. Always check serious reviews of a book before you buy it because some books are very poorly written.

Exercise is for everyone, not just people who are trying to lose a few pounds. In fact, there are many other reasons to get in shape. It stimulates different areas of your body into producing hormones that make us happier and calmer.

Make each day a better one than the last. Keep aiming higher and higher. Set a goal to do something you couldn’t do yesterday, or improve on something you were able to do.

Instead of bragging about your accomplishments, ask those around you about what they are most proud of and what they’ve achieved. This will help you to find some of the amazing things that people can accomplish, and help you to respect them more.

When it comes to serious issues, sometimes therapy or professional help might be the best solution. While self-help books can be effective, many cannot provide the benefits that come from personal, targeted interaction with a therapist. Success is sometimes motivated by being helped through simply talking. A book can not talk to you like a therapist can.

Are you a steady drinker? Do you smoke or participate in other actives that can harm your body? Mistreating your body will lead to illness, premature aging and an early death. If you want to make enhancements to your lifestyle, eliminating bad habits is a big part of this. Consider all of your habits and opt to omit habits from your life that can be described as harmful.

Whatever your goals are, and however you are trying to reach them, there is one piece of advice, one thing to do, that is certain to be applicable. Choose to take real action, everyday, towards your goals and dreams, instead of just watching others from the sidelines. If you just observe your life as it passes you by, you are just waiting for the end and not living.

Learn how to get through trying situations without letting your emotions get the best of you. If you know how to keep a cool head during stressful times, then you will likely be able to handle most problems life sends your way. Above all, remember to take a second and breathe deeply before confronting any stressful situation.

Try to determine what things matter most in your life and devote your attention to them. By concentrating your emotional energy on the positive aspects of everyday life and shutting out the negative, you will be on the road to inner peace.

Now you know where to begin your own personal development efforts. Personal development is a goal that requires continuous searching for inspiration and new ideas, but once you begin it is much easier to keep learning and growing.

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Why Self-Love is the #1 barrier between yourself and your dream career

Anne-Sophie-Reinhardt-184x184Self-love is the elixir of life.

It’s what makes you happy, fulfilled and successful.

It’s what opens hearts and minds and empowers you to change your world.

And yet it’s still the most undervalued and underused practice of all.

You work on your self-confidence. You focus on your skills, talents and gifts but you forget to build up what is the most important part: your self-love.

It’s no wonder then that you, along with millions of people, go about your daily work despising every minute of it.

If you don’t love and respect yourself, how can you ever value your time and your life’s work? How can you make a drastic change if you are not at peace with who you are and what you’re all about? How will you ever convince others of your worth if you don’t care for it yourself?

The answer: You can’t. You’ll be able to fake it, yes. But only for a while.

However, if you truly and unabashedly love yourself, you’ll tap into your true, amazing potential with ease.

Here’s why.

1. You’ll take care of yourself

It’s obvious that when you appreciate yourself for the person you are, you’ll take good care of your body, mind and soul. You’ll give your body the movement it yearns for. You’ll eat a balanced diet and you’ll create the margin in your life you need. You’ll have more energy, balance and peace of mind, which is more than needed when you’re about to change your life.

How you can start: Put together a simple routine of daily exercise. It’s important that you choose a workout you and your body enjoys and not something you absolutely dread. You won’t go back if you don’t love it.

2. You’ll know yourself

Being aware of who you are is crucial when you want to change careers. By practicing self-love, you’ll discover your innermost thoughts, your feelings and your true longings. You’ll learn about desires you never knew you had and uncover strengths you’ve long forgotten about.

How you can start: Start journaling daily. Let your thoughts flow freely and without judgement and you’ll soon get a clear understanding of who is really underneath your skin.

3. You’ll be confident

When you love yourself, you exude a level of self-confidence that is unmatched by those who don’t feel particularly comfortable in their skin. You’ll be glowing from the inside out and believe me, people will notice.

How you can start: Become aware of your posture when you’re standing our sitting. Do your shoulders hang low? Are you looking on the floor? If so, roll your shoulders back, sit or stand up straight and hold your head high. This’ll give you an instant self-confidence boost.

4. You’ll deal with setbacks more hopefully 

When you’re at peace with yourself, you’ll handle setbacks in a completely different way. You’ll know that those circumstances have nothing to do with your worthiness as a person or your abilities as an expert. You’ll be more open to seeing these hiccups as learning experiences and opportunities for you to grow. This’ll make a major difference in your life and career as you’ll search for different ways to achieve what it is you want instead of sinking into a spiral of self-pity and hate.

How you can start: Become aware of all the successes you’ve had in life and celebrate them. Those can be smaller ones like learning to ride a bike or bigger ones like graduating with honors or making a marriage work for years. This knowledge will give you the power you need to push through obstacles without giving up.

5.  You’ll believe in yourself

It’s hard to get the job of your dreams or create the business your heart yearns for if you don’t 100% believe in yourself. Well, today is your lucky day because self-love comes with a huge truck load of belief in yourself and your potential. You’ll be amazed at how clear your mind gets once you get rid of all the wrong beliefs that have impacted and limited your life.

How you can start: Write down all the beliefs you have about yourself, money, life and your career. Dig deep and don’t let one single belief stay untouched. Then compare those beliefs to reality and see if they hold any truth in them. Chances are, most of them are wrong. They’re perceptions of what you saw and experienced growing up. However, life is different now and so are you. When you’re ready, slowly let go of those beliefs and replace them with powerful, positive and self-affirming ones.

It takes time to fully tap into self-love, but once you’re there, your life will never be the same again.

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Supportive Facts That Will Lead To Personal Development

Saeglopur___Lost_at_Sea___by_lancerivasFor best results, use positive thinking and other personal development techniques to change and improve your self and your life. This article provides helpful tips to get you focused on your personal development, while improving your life and how you live it.

Try and surround yourself with people who think like you do. This will allow you to stay motivated and keep you away from those that might hinder your personal development.

Be sure to read positive books on the subject of personal development. Many of the best-selling books offer page after page of useful, and possibly life-changing, ideas and insight. Make sure you select a book which has a few good reviews because some books in the personal development genre can be very badly written.

Sit down and uncover what has become the barrier between you and your goals. This is hard to do for a lot of people. You might not be able to find your weakness, but you can find the way to change them. By eliminating things that stand in your way, you can walk on the path to your future with less stumbling blocks on the way.

Make the most of your work time to accomplish more. Take an ample amount of breaks when you are working hard. This might seem counterproductive, but having constant breaks will help you recharge and unwind, so that you will get a lot more things done when you go back to working.

The first step towards personal development is learning how to be a leader. Leadership has many different definitions, but the common theme is influence. Take a good look at your journey toward leadership. Are there any events that have had an impact in your life? How did those experiences change you? What qualities make you an effective member of the team? Being able to answer these questions will help you realize how important you can be to your team.

In order to work on your personal development, you have to be willing to be humble. Understanding that you are a minute portion of the world will help you think about your level of knowledge. By instilling these ideas in your brain, you will be more open to improving yourself and learning new information.

Exercising is not only a way to lose weight. There are lots of good, healthy reasons for exercising. Not only does it keep your body in good shape, but it also causes your body to release chemicals that will increase your happiness levels.

You cannot provide care for others unless you care for yourself. If you are a huge success, but dead tired all the time, you are not properly taking care of yourself. You need to find time for rest.

Now you hopefully have some extra knowledge from this article in how you can go about growing in every aspect of your life ranging from your mental outlook to your personality. By implementing the tips provided here you will be able to begin your journey of personal development, and make your life one of happiness and fulfillment.

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Self Awareness Positive Affirmations – Video & Text

Self Awareness & Discovery Positive Affirmations

I take time to acknowledge myself

I claim time to decide what I truly want, and to set up a plan to accomplish my goals

I take time to care about myself and my personal needs

I claim time to express love to the people around me

I take time to be thankful for all the great things in my life

All facets of my being, both visible and invisible, are vibrant and alive

All my thoughts exist as I allow them to exist

All that I’ve experienced in my life has been produced by my thoughts and beliefs

Being self-aware is among the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling daily

Every time I pause to go within, I draw closer to who I truly am

Each challenge I face makes me stronger and wiser

Daily I become more aware of my inherent gifts

Every day I discover more of what makes me exceptional

Daily I discover new talents which I have

Daily I practice being the ‘me’ of my perfect future

Each day I understand and appreciate myself more

Every day I understand myself better

Each facet of my life suits me perfectly

Every moment I spend in quiet stillness brings me closer to my true self

Every moment of every day I’m becoming more and more responsible for my life

I accept each experience in my life as a path to growth and development

I accept total responsibility for all my beliefs, and question those which hinder my advancement

I accept full responsibility for my thinking and doing

I take on responsibility for the results in my life

I accept that whatever happens to me is of my own making

I accept the results of all my actions

I advance my life by expanding my moment to moment experiences

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5 Keys to Accepting What You Can’t Change


“Acceptance of what has happened is the first step to overcoming the consequences of any misfortune.” – William James 

Accepting what we don’t like may be one of the most difficult aspects of life.

I’m all for taking action and changing what we can, but inevitably there will be people, situations, and events we don’t like and that we aren’t able to change.

Do you find yourself trying to change things you have no control over?

If so, you probably find it difficult to be satisfied and content with life.

If we can’t change a situation or an outcome our best option is to learn how to accept it and deal with it.


Acceptance has many benefits:

  • A more positive attitude
  • Less worry and stress
  • Less energy drained from trying to figure things out
  • Ability to embrace change
  • Greater appreciation and gratitude
  • A more compassionate perspective

Acceptance is not the same as resignation or passivity. We can continue to push forward despite accepting that there are things beyond our control.

Here are a few tips to living with greater acceptance so you can have more joy and peace of mind.

1. Let go of the past

We all have baggage that we carry from our past, and this baggage gets heavier the longer we hold onto it. Many people have a hard time letting go of past. We carry a mental reminder of our mistakes and losses with us everywhere we go, not realizing how much they steal from our present joy and contentment.

We can’t change the past. What happened in your past happened, so our only hope is to learn how to accept our past and move forward.

“Getting over a painful experience is much like crossing monkey bars. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward.” – C.S. Lewis

2. Learn coping skills

At one point or another life will present us with an unexpected turn of events. It may be a difficult loss or a failure of epic proportions that we aren’t prepared to deal with. Sometimes these events are beyond our current ability to cope.

So, part of the acceptance process is learning new ways to cope with a crisis. Keep your emotions in check so you can make a more conscious decision about how to deal with a difficult situation.

3. Make it meaningful

Sometimes the “worst” thing that happens to us ends up being the most fundamental part of our personal growth. It is easier to accept something when we explore the opportunities and possibilities that come out of it.

What can you learn from your difficulty? How has your difficulty made you a stronger person?

“When we can no longer change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” – Viktor Frankl

4. Expect less

We live in a world that tells us to want more, be more, and do more. This isn’t always a negative message, but it often gets in the way of our life-satisfaction. When something doesn’t meet our expectations we are disappointed and angry.

Life can appear purposeless, unfair, and ruthless if our expectations are unrealistic. So, instead of expecting something to happen, or expecting a person to act a certain way, try to focus on accepting and creating.

Focus on what you want to create instead of what you expect to happen. Creation is motivating, expectation is demanding.

5. Set new goals

When we run into failure or setbacks it can feel like we are stuck with nowhere to turn. Life will take unexpected turns and when this happens our trajectory might have to change as well.

There is a point where it is in our best interest to move on and let go of what we want.

If something doesn’t work the way we planned, don’t get caught up in the outcome. Instead of doing the same thing and expecting different results, accept things aren’t working the way you planned and do something different.

You may not be able change what you’re going through right now, but this doesn’t mean you can’t live afull and meaningful life.

You can adapt and adjust to your present circumstances. Stop avoiding difficult issues and only focusing on what you can’t change.

Focus on what you can do about the situation, and if you can’t change something it’s time to accept this reality.

What do you need to accept so you can be happier and more fulfilled?

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Choosing the Best Yoga Teacher for You


You’re ready to take your yoga practice into the studio, or maybe even upgrade for private sessions.


But how do you choose the right yoga teacher for your style and needs?

1. Pick the Right Class

Before you worry about the best yoga teacher (yes, we’ll get there), the first issue is to get to the right class. If you’re a newbie, only having done yoga in a gym once or twice and you show up to the Power Flow or Level 2-3 class, no matter how good the teacher, you may be suffering.  Likewise, if you’re really needing something relaxed, meditative, and calming, you’re going to be pretty shocked if you end up in an Ashtanga Class.

=> Look up the class name.  If you’re still unsure what it is, read the description, or ask!

=> For smaller classes, or private lessons, have a conversation with the teacher about what you’re looking for.  Today I had a class of only 4 students and 2 of them told me they wanted hip-openers.  Well, that’s 50% of the class, so guess what we did?  Hip-openers. The teacher should be able to adjust to the needs of the students and accommodate most reasonable requests.

2. Take Caution with these Yoga Teacher types

A. Overtly sexual. While surprising, its not unheard of that a student may sense sexual energy or get the come-on vibe from a teacher during the class. One story I heard is that a teacher, somewhat unknowingly (where his subconscious was acting out) was lightly grazing many of the students butts while walking throughout the room. If you get that feeling from the teacher, that’s typically not the ideal energy for developing in your yoga practice, so try a different teacher.

yoga-300x245B. No training.  If you’ve practiced yoga much, you can usually spot these people right away.  They may have had 2 hours max training as part of a fitness instructor course and now they think they’re qualified to teach an Asana or flow practice. A fellow teacher was telling me she had this experience on her recent trip. The ‘instructor’ couldn’t name, do, or explain the poses correctly. Now, don’t get me wrong here, not every yoga teacher (not even most!) have the ability to bust out Scorpion or even full Lotus in every class. But if your teacher can’t even demonstrate or explain correctly the alignment for Downdog, find a different teacher.

C. Those that make you uncomfortable. This is pretty vague, but if its really an issue, you’ll get the feeling and move on.  Here are a couple of stories to help this make more sense.

My Korean friend was in a yoga class taught by an Indian guy who wore short, loose fitting shorts.  And while she didn’t get a sexual vibe from him, every time he did Tree pose or Warrior 2, his junk was hanging out the side of his shorts.  Certainly you can avert your eyes, but if its making you uncomfortable, move on.

My experience isn’t as clear-cut.  I practiced at a yoga studio here in Arizona for awhile, but decided it wasn’t right for me.  The teacher was a good practitioner, she made appropriate and beneficial adjustments, she explained poses well, and she taught a physically well-balanced class. But during every s.i.n.g.l.e class she cursed and mentioned the negative stuff in her life, thoughts, and interactions.  I DON’T want someone injecting their negative energy and bad language into my practice–after every class I felt blue or down, not a feeling I strive for.  For me yoga is a time and space for uplifting and embracing our best possible selves; cussing and complaining about your life isn’t part of that.  That being said, she has a huge following.  Wherever she opens a studio, her students follow her and they think her language and her issues make her real and authentic. My other issue with her was she hugged me (and everyone) and even sometimes kissed people on the cheek.  Again, fine, if you’re close to her, but I’m not into hugging people I just met especially when either or both of us are sweaty. Ugh! This is just one of those things you take on your feeling: try it out and move on if you don’t like it.

3. When it feels right…

yoga_200x400-150x300A. The teaching style (energy, voice, music) matches the description and expectation of the class. Typically an upbeat teaching style goes best with a flow class. And likewise, slow movements, soothing voice, and comforting language cultivate a Relax or Restorative Yin class. According to the class name and description, the teacher should accommodate those expectations and adjust their style to the class (or only teach what they’re good at).  When you find that, you’ve usually got a winner.  (But don’t judge too quick in case the teacher is just having an off-day or is very new to that style.)

B. The teaching style and philosophy works for you.  This can be a whole range of questions, including: personality; lots of meditation time or very little; sanksrit or not; lots of explanations on poses and alignment cues; hands-on adjustments or not; primarily physical emphasis; storytelling, music or quiet; challenges you and your limits; and more.  Try out a few different teachers on a couple of different days.  What works for your friend, may not be ideal for you.

C. Key elements are included.  This can vary based on the type of class (Flow v. Restorative) but most classes should work a large range of motion in a couple key areas of the body, allow for both Sthira andSukkha = steadiness and ease, include pranayama = breath control, and some meditation.

D. You can understand them.  If you’re constantly needing visual ques to follow the practice, it makes it a lot more challenging to ease into and out of poses.  And that can be distracting and disruptive.  Whether its a vocalization issues, language or accent barrier, or something else, make sure you can hear, understand, and interpret the teacher’s verbal instructions with relative ease. This one may not be a deal killer though: I had a funny, profound, totally unique , rockin’ teacher in Bali but I could only understand a third of what he said.


Clearly there’s a lot to consider when finding the best yoga teacher for you.  But ultimately, it comes down to feeling or instinct. Ask friends, try a few teachers, a few studios, and then reflect.  Who do you resonate with and which teachers inspire you? Go with your gut. And no one said you can only have just one teacher!

Reader Question: What would you add to this?  What did I leave out? What’s important to you when you choose a yoga teacher?

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