Self Awareness Positive Affirmations – Video & Text

Self Awareness & Discovery Positive Affirmations

I take time to acknowledge myself

I claim time to decide what I truly want, and to set up a plan to accomplish my goals

I take time to care about myself and my personal needs

I claim time to express love to the people around me

I take time to be thankful for all the great things in my life

All facets of my being, both visible and invisible, are vibrant and alive

All my thoughts exist as I allow them to exist

All that I’ve experienced in my life has been produced by my thoughts and beliefs

Being self-aware is among the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling daily

Every time I pause to go within, I draw closer to who I truly am

Each challenge I face makes me stronger and wiser

Daily I become more aware of my inherent gifts

Every day I discover more of what makes me exceptional

Daily I discover new talents which I have

Daily I practice being the ‘me’ of my perfect future

Each day I understand and appreciate myself more

Every day I understand myself better

Each facet of my life suits me perfectly

Every moment I spend in quiet stillness brings me closer to my true self

Every moment of every day I’m becoming more and more responsible for my life

I accept each experience in my life as a path to growth and development

I accept total responsibility for all my beliefs, and question those which hinder my advancement

I accept full responsibility for my thinking and doing

I take on responsibility for the results in my life

I accept that whatever happens to me is of my own making

I accept the results of all my actions

I advance my life by expanding my moment to moment experiences

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